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Latest posted projects

Leaking Pipe and Faulty Toilet Tank Sealed Bidding

I am looking for someone to fix two small plumbing issues I am having with a pipe and my toilet tank. Im unsure of what something like this would cost but am looking for an estimate to work with

Posted on: 15th Jan 2022 2 days, 8 hours, 27 min left Verified User


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House Expansion Drawings Needed Sealed Bidding

I am interested in gettting drawings for an expansion project behind my current home. Two story 25×12 approximately. Depending on cost i may also use the same contractor to do the building.

Posted on: 15th Jan 2022 2 days, 5 hours, 44 min left Verified User


1 proposals

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Pressure washing quote needed for yard and exterior wall Sealed Bidding

Im interested in having my exterior wall and yard powerwashed. Im unsure of the size but would like to get an estimate on price if possible

Posted on: 6th Jan 2022 1 day, 19 hours, 16 min left Verified User


0 proposals

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I need a mason Sealed Bidding

I am interested in getting a quote for an approximately 100 ft length wall. an old fence also needs to be removed first. budget mentioned is just a number quoted as i am awaiting feedback to find out what average cost may be

Posted on: 6th Jan 2022 19 hours, 16 min, 51 sec left Verified User


1 proposals

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